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Evgeny Khmara, Konzert, Piano
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  • born in Kyiv in 1988

  • married, 3 children

  • first composition at 7

  • Finalist in Ukraine has talent

  • 6 albums

  • Composer of the Year 2020 (Ukraine)

  • Active in the autism movement

  • Project: Open Ukraine by music

Evgeny Khmara

Evgeny Khmara is a composer and star pianist from Kyiv.

He is not only very popular in Ukraine, but also internationally in demand for concerts, e.g. B. in Kuwait, the USA, Canada and England. Evgeny says of himself that he just fell in love with people, music and life. 

This is reflected in his compositions and in his project. With titles like "Element&quot", "Wheel of life&quot", "Talks on the Top of the Mountain" he touches people's hearts. 

Since the sad day on February 24th, 2022 he has been touring in Austria and worldwide with benefit concerts (see event calendar). This gives the opportunity to book this unique artist for other events or to initiate a benefit concert with him yourself. Kunst berührt advises and helps.


Book via Kunst berührt

+43 660 7535325


Booking the artist directly

Social Media

+380 674455600

  • Youtube
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  • Instagram
  • zwitschern

Evgeny Khmara is a composer and star pianist from Kyiv.

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Social Media


  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
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