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Our offers at a Glance

Kunst berührt - Own Projects

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We organize benefit events ourselves with all services from the beginning, from finding the location to the day of the event, to billing and transfer to Ukraine. 

These can be large concerts with several artists, matinées or local events in cafés and bars. Individual and creative formats such as the music chat - with artists in exchange are planned. 

All dates that have already been fixed can be found in the event calendar. 

If you have an idea yourself, whether for an entire event, a venue or you would like to cooperate with us, get in touch! We are always happy about new impulses! 

For companies

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We have our own range of offers for companies and we would be happy to create the right offer for you in a preliminary discussion. Our offers at a glance:

  • Customer concerts or customer contingents: We organize a concert for your customers in coordination with you. Individual customer contingents with their own additional services (reception, after-concert meeting, ...) are also possible. 

  • Company party: Do you want to do something good with your company party and turn it into a benefit event or support our artists? We have suitable offers for this, costs depending on the purpose and the general conditions from € 1050.- 

  • Art and psychology in conversation: The special company retreat! Talk with an artist and a psychologist. You can choose between the topics: The experiment, How ideas learn to fly and Live changes, don't manage them. Musical accompaniment included. Half-day flat rate € 1480.- 

More information: 

+ 43 660 7535325 (Dr. Sylvia Opriessnig)

For private individuals

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As a private person, you can turn your celebration into a benefit event or support our artists by booking. We take care of the processing and the contract with the artists and discuss your ideas with you. 

If you as a private individual want to set up your own charity event and don't know how, or you don't have the structure you need, then you've come to the right place! Because that is one of the main reasons why we founded the association. There are so many people with so many good ideas and opportunities and all that is missing is some support. We offer that!!!

More information: + 43 660 7535325 (Dr. Sylvia Opriessnig) ,

For organizers

Garden Wedding Venue

Everything is better together. You are an organizer or you have your own association and only need individual services. Let's set up a great event together. 

Or you have never done an event but would like to organize one, e.g.  in your home town and show your support for Ukraine. We help with little things, e. g. when checking German-language texts or plan your event together and accompany you.  

More information: + 43 660 7535325 (Dr. Sylvia Opriessnig),

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