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KUNST BERUEHRT (Art touches) Мистецтво пробуджує чутливість


Art touches. Art connects. Art helps. 

We and the artists who cooperate with us are of this conviction. The club was born out of love for music, love for Ukraine and Austro-Ukrainian friendship. We organize events with the popular piano virtuoso and star composer Evgeny Khmara from Kyiv and with the newcomer band Reywah. Visit one of our events, book the artists through us or become the organizer of an event yourself with our help. From insurance, advertising, AKM, to billing, we accompany you. Let's bring more love, joy and cohesion into the world together with the language of music!!! 

Take a look at our events calendar or enjoy photos and videos of our concerts in the gallery! Or just contact us if you want to know more!



Ahornstrasse 21, A 5081 Anif

+43 660 7535325

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